Let’s turn it up a notch - dumbest jackpot winners stories

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You all know that gambling is all fun and games… But winning BIG might make you go bonkers. We would be heartless not to share the hilarious stories that we heard through the years in the industry. Now, we do recommend to stop doing whatever you are doing and prepare for a roller coaster of hysterical laughing!

Let’s strip half a million down

We bet, you dear punters, enjoy spending time in strip clubs from time to time. What's not to like? Music, beverages and beautiful dancing ladies (or men, whatever you prefer). WE LIKE IT!

And apparently men like it even more after winning large sums of money. We are ready to tell you a story of a person that became INVINCIBLE on one cold summer night of 2014. Due to the fact that we actually KNOW this person, and still keep in touch, we will not disclose the name and will change the locations (we did receive the permission to share the story). Enjoy the ride!

It’s rainy Friday in Amsterdam. It’s cold, it’s windy - it’s what Dutch call ‘the summer’. Group of 10 lads are marching down the narrow streets towards a place they almost call home - a PUB. “Lets have one for the road” they say… And this is where all the shenanigans begin.

There’s never ‘one for the road’, more like ‘one for a ditch’. So, naturally, things got out of hand (it would be weird if it didn’t - it’s Amsterdam after all). After countless rounds of everything that burns, the lads decided to try their luck at the local casino. Luck is an odd thing, but it was on their side that night. They left the gambling den with half million in cash - yes, you read that correct!

At this point the group was ready to party, as if there was no tomorrow. One thing led to another, and they ended up in… the red light district. Those who been to Amsterdam, will know how mad it can get. Now, if you have seen all of the HANGOVERS, than this one tops all of them.

To be continued…

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