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Online gambling is not all fun and games. It can be dangerous and damaging too. We want to share a real-life story of an online casino gambler that lost his fortune within one night. Dear punters, please gamble responsibly.

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We all have that one friend who has no boundaries and doesn’t know when enough is enough. Well, sometimes that can be fun as hell, and sometimes it can end (sorry for the language) totally FUCKED UP.


This time we will tell you a short story about online gambling addiction. We hope this will inspire you to gamble responsibly and spread awareness about responsible gambling.

So here’s a story of a gambler that made a fortune and lost it in one night (this story is real. However, some details have been changed due to this person’s anonymity).


It’s 7 pm on a Friday night. The weather outside is cool, yet lovely to go for a short walk. Nonetheless, Jack chooses to try his luck at an online casino. After all, a little party never killed anybody. So far, Jack has only been lucky as he has been playing only with small amounts. But maybe it was time to play BIG? Christmas was just around the corner, and some extra cash is always nice…

We will STOP you here. Dear, punters, online gambling (any gambling for that matter), will not solve ANY financial problems, EVER. Please contact GAMSTOP and BeGambleAware if you have an addiction.

...Continuing the story. Jack deposited 5k to an online casino. He felt extremely lucky that Friday night, and popped in another 5k, just in case. And what do you know?! After one hour he had 50k in his e-wallet! Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? However, Jack was too thrilled and got too greedy. He became like the Gollum with his Precious (Lord of the Rings fans will understand). The online casino kept on giving sweet and irresistible casino offers - it was hard to resist. From VIP Casino treatments to free spins and cash backs – it was a real casino bonuses storm. Jack should have stopped when the fun ended and enough money was lost. Nonetheless, he kept on spinning and spinning and spinning, until there was nothing left to spin. The lady luck has finally turned its back on Jack and all hell broke loose. By 8 am Jack was down 20k! He threw in another 10k and all his fortune was gone within several spins. Just like several months worth of savings were gone. Imagine the things he could have bought or adventures experienced... Unfortunately, he chose to waste it all during one night of mad online gambling. Moral of the story – if you gamble, make sure to do it responsibly.

What is responsible gambling?

If you are online casinos or online betting enthusiast, you probably have noticed the famous GAMSTOP and BeGambleAware logos on each trustworthy and reliable online casino site. But does it really say much about what responsible gambling is? To be honest, it is quite difficult to define this term as there are so many aspects to it, but here we go!

Responsible gambling is an assurance that any sort of online or offline gambling is done responsibly. It must inform the players of any risks involved, and allow players to stop anytime and self-exclude themselves. It goes as far as educating players about online gambling addiction and consequences.

Knowing the definition of this term is not enough. We will give you several tips on how to gamble responsibly:

• Be true to yourself and re-think how online gambling impacts you financially and mentally. If you have a family, or anyone else that relies on you, think about them too. They are the victims of your addiction as well; • Gamble only with money that you can afford to lose. Never borrow money to gamble online; • Avoid gambling intoxicated – it’s the same as driving drunk; • Avoid gambling when you are depressed or upset. Online gambling will not solve any problems; • Set money and time limits. Here you can find a list of casinos, that offers such features. • Self-exclude – in case you have a temptation to come back, make sure to self-exclude from a particular casino, or all casinos at once. Visit GamStop.

Be a real winner to your self – stop gambling in time.

If you you have an addiction, please make sure to seek the appropriate help. At BeGambleAware website you can do a short quiz and see if you re developing an addiction. Make sure to stop your problem in time.

Be a real winner to your self – stop gambling in time

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